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Tech Support / Warranty Information

Thank you for choosing Maddog Sports. If you have questions regarding a Maddog product, we're here to help! Please reach out to our dedicated technical support staff using our Contact Us Form. We typically respond to inquiries within 24 hours. We can also be reached via telecommunication M-Fri 9-4pm PST at 805-275-2040.

Have questions regarding your paintball gun marker?
For best assistance, please contact the manufacturer of your paintball gun directly (Tippmann, Empire, Dye, HK Army, JT, Azodin, Etc.). The manufacturer's certified marker techs know the ins and outs of their paintball guns and will be able to diagnose and resolve the issues you are experiencing through phone/e-mail correspondence. Contacting the manufacturer directly is necessary for warranty sake and the likelihood of a quick-fix.

Certified Marker Tech Support Contact Information

Empire - - 1.800.724.6822

JT - - 1.800.724.6822

Tippmann - - 1.800.724.6822

Dye Paintball - - 1.858.536.5183

HK Army - - 1.310.660.7490

Azodin - - 1.626.538.7094

Paintball Marker Registration through PAINTBALL SOLUTIONS is REQUIRED for Empire, Tippmann, and JT Paintball Markers.

"Paintball Solutions is your one-stop shop for all Empire Paintball, Tippmann, Spyder and JT Paintball product manuals, schematics and parts diagrams.

If you can’t find an answer to your question on the support site, you can always contact technical support/customer service department at 1.800.724.6822 or email"


New to Paintball?! We've got you covered! Whether it's your first time hittin' the paintball field or a seasoned vet, Maddog's All-In-One Paintball Packages make it easy! Fill your tank. Add Some Paint. GAME ON!

First Things First.. While some products are more intuitive than others, we recommend you READ YOUR MARKER MANUAL! Basic operation, tips and tricks, trouble-shooting guides, and warranty information, are all typically covered in the product manual.

1. Fill Paintball Tank
* All Paintball Tanks are shipped EMPTY and must be filled prior to use. Paintball Tanks are typically filled at your local paintball field, sporting goods store, welding supply shop, etc.
2. Assemble Marker
* Marker assembly is detailed in the manual. Thread barrel into marker body. Attach accessories (tactical stock, carry handle, foregrips, etc.) Use Barrel Cover at all times to avoid accidents. Make sure safety is on while not in use.
3. Attach Hopper/Paintball Loader
* Hopper sits atop the marker and attaches via feedneck
4. Load Paintballs
* Open lid & load hopper with .68 Caliber paintballs (sold separately). Quality of paint may affect flight, bounce, etc.
5. Attach Tank
* Be sure NOT to cross-thread the tank as you screw it into the ASA on your marker. Thread tank all the way until the pin valve on the tank is engaged.
6. Turn on Marker via Power Button / Cock Marker

Remote Line 101

A remote line or coil is a great way for younger players or anyone looking to carry a lighter, more compact paintball gun. A remote line air accessory simply extends the line between the marker and tank enabling the user to drop the bulk weight of the tank from the gun by moving the paintball air tank bottle into the pouch of a paintball harness! Simple and easy to use, remote coils will function equally well with CO2 or compressed air/HPA and allow any player to run a more compact, lightweight paintball gun!

Got a leak?! Remote lines are built with internal o-rings that may eventually wear down due to the nature of running high pressure air and/or CO2 through the the line. If at any point, your remote coil begins to leak, making the repair is typically just a matter of replacing the affected o-ring.